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Decorative Metal Archways

We are often asked to complement a railings or fencing project with a bespoke entrance feature. A decorative metal archway is the perfect way to bring emphasis to a logo, symbol, heritage or cultural theme.

We have manufactured decorative metal archways for a variety of projects, including entrances to public parks and gardens, schools and cemeteries.

We are able to incorporate all forms of unique designs including lettering, flowers, and logos. Our CAD technicians are very adept at turning hand drawn sketches into 3D images which show you exactly how your finished project will look once it is complete.

The entrance feature to Shirley Park started out as a hand drawing and the finished metalwork is stunningly ornate with blooming flowers and ivy winding its way along the archway.

Please browse through the Alpha Rail projects library to see examples of our past work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do decorative metal archways cost?

As all metal archways are bespoke to suit project requirements, prices vary and must be quoted by our estimators. To discuss your project and get a quote, contact us today.

What kind of features can my decorative metal archway have?

Many unique features can be incorporated into a decorative metal archway, such as lettering, flowers, logos and more. Our in-house team of CAD technicians can take hand drawn sketches and turn them into full CAD drawings to show how your finish product will look.