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A metal handrail or balustrade is an important feature of an outdoor or indoor staircase, path or fence and, as well as the all important safety and protection aspects, it can also provide the unique finishing touch to a project.

Alpha Rail can fabricate metal handrails from square or round hollow section to suit your exact requirements. We are able to design them to be wall mounted, ground mounted or attached to our vertical bar railing products. We also provide handrails or balustrade for internal and external stair cores within multi-storey buildings such as flats, offices and car parks.

The provision of handrails or balustrade railings are a mandatory health and safety requirement. They help to reduce the likelihood of falls, slips or trips when ascending or descending a stairwell. They also offer welcome support in the case of sudden tiredness.

Please browse through the Alpha Rail projects library to see examples of our previous projects, alternatively browse our sector gallery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a handrail and a guardrail?

Handrail and guardrail can sometimes get their names mixed up, with different people knowing them as different terms. Alpha Rail recently published a technical article highlighting key differences between the two products, and the benefits and uses of each.

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