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Our Metal Railings

Alpha Rail specialise in the manufacture and installation of metal railings, primarily on commercial projects across a whole range of sectors, ranging from park restorations to new build housing developments. As our extensive archive of completed projects illustrates, we are able to manufacture a diverse range of bespoke and standard metal railings to suit project requirements.

Standard detail drawings available to view and download

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Vertical Bar Railings

We manufacture standard vertical bar railings as well as five alternative designs, each having a slight twist in appearance to offer further choice.

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Bow Top Railings

Bow top railings are made of vertical bars with bows above the top rail. It can be made in a variety of different styles depending […]

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Flat Bar Railings

We have complimented the Alpha Rail range of metal railings with an option to manufacture panels with flat infill bars. Notice: JavaScript is required for […]

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Flat Top Railings

Alpha Rail can provide flat top railings suitable for most applications and provide the necessary demarcation of a boundary.

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Metal Estate Fencing

We have installed miles of estate fencing around the perimeters of many country estates and prestigious parkland areas.

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Steel Balustrade

The steel balustrade we manufacture meet both the demands of building regulations in providing a barrier to prevent people from falling from height or into stairwells.

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Stair Railings

The installation of stair railings such as balustrade and handrail reduce the likelihood of falls, slips or trips when ascending or descending a stairwell.

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Wrought Iron Railings

The availability of wrought iron railings has steadily declined since 1860 when mild steel became more widely available.  

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About Metal Railings

Our choice of materials and fabrication processes ensures quality metalwork that will last for many years in the toughest of conditions. We understand that our metalwork serves an important practical purpose but also that it must compliment its surrounding environment, which is why we offer a choice of designs, materials and finishes. A project can often begin as a hand drawn sketch of railings featuring lettering, motifs or logos, which our CAD technicians interpret and bring to life as the project progresses.

All of the metal railings we manufacture meet BS 1722 Part 9 – British Standard for Railings and Gates

We are also able to supply metal railings with anti trap spacing which are compliant with BS EN 1176, the European Standard which denotes that infill bars are placed closer together to reduce the risk of children trapping their head in between the upright bars. This type of metal railing is often called Playspec and as you would expect is more commonly used for school and playground projects.

The visual appearance of our metal railings can be further enhanced by the use of decorative rail heads and post finials.

Alpha Rail is one of the leading railing contractors and manufacturers in the United Kingdom. We supply a variety of metal railings and we will help you to pick the best option for your project. We know that choosing the right railings is important. Our team has extensive knowledge about different types of railings and situations they can be used for.

If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable railing contractors, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01623 750 214 or email us at Alternatively, fill out the form down below.