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Play Area Railings

Alpha Rail provides a range of different play area fencing. A playground is a place where children should spend their time safely. Thus, a place like this needs to be separated from the public space. Our play area fence has a durable material that will withstand any playtime activities and constant movement. It is safe and will secure play areas for children. The play area fence offers secure access and exit to the play area. Alpha Rail offers a variety of designs to suit your needs. 

A play area fence can have plenty of advantages:

  • It prevents the child from running out of the safe space. 
  • It makes it easier for parents, guardians, and teachers to control their children.
  • It secures the area against persons who are not authorised to enter the playground.
  • It prevents animals from entering the playground.

A play area fence is a key aspect to keep children safe. It may prevent little ones from dangerous situations such as dogs attacking the children, or irresponsible cyclists shortening their distance through entering the playground. 

Alpha Rail manufactures, supplies and installs play area railings to the current European Standard (BS EN 1176). Play area railings (sometimes known as Playspec Bow Top) is designed so that the gaps between infills does not exceed 89mm in order to prevent children from being trapped, keeping the inside of the boundary safe and secure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a playground fence?

Public playgrounds need to be properly secured. Thus, they should have a perimeter playground fence and access gates. This will help to keep children within a safe space and keep them away from various hazards. Moreover, the fence will keep away people that are not permitted to enter. 

What material is our playground fence made from?

Alpha Rail’s playground fence is made of steel, which will provide longevity. We can also galvanise the steel in order to make it long-lasting and prevent it from corrosion.

How tall should a playground fence be?

The most common height of playground fences is 1.1m. However, a height of 1m to 1.2m is acceptable. According to regulations, the minimum height is 1m. The design of the fence should take into account that children climb fences sometimes. Thus, the fence has to be strong and has anti-trap properties to prevent children from getting stuck between the pales.

PDF standard detail drawings available to view and download

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About Play Area Railings

Play area railings are designed to meet the anti-entrapment requirements of the BS EN 1176 play equipment safety standard. This standard denotes that the the gaps between the railings do not exceed 89mm and therefore reduce the risk of neck entrapment.

All of Alpha Rail’s range of Anti-Trap Bow Top railings can be supplied to this specification should you need to create a safe and resilient boundary to schools or children’s play areas.

In our range, you will find also models such as:

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