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From initial enquiry to project completion, our approach is customer-focused and adapted to you.

Alpha Rail offers a full-service approach, supporting you every step of the way. What sets us apart from other metal railings manufacturers is our ability to consult and offer technical advice. Landscape architects, consulting engineers and project designers know they can rely on Alpha Rail to provide the expertise they need for their project.

As specialists in bespoke metalwork for almost 40 years, we understand and are fully aware of the site conditions that can be faced when planning a metal railings project. Be it curves, gradients, or unconventional fixing methods, Alpha Rail is proud to take on these challenges when other companies may not be able to. Thanks to our in-depth site surveys using industry leading equipment, CAD technicians and our skilled in-house fabrication team, we have the ability to overcome any challenge.

1. Understanding
2. Creative Vision
3. Maintain Standards


When it comes to metal railings installations, it is uncommon to find a site which can be accommodated using straight and level panels. With almost 40 years’ experience, we have seen just how simple or complicated a project can be. Alpha Rail will review project requirements and discuss the best way forward to achieve the desired result in the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing style.

We are fully accredited and understand regulations and the need for teamwork when working with other contractors to ensure projects timescales and budgets are met.


Creative Vision

We can take any project from ground up and achieve your vision.

Intricate, complex metal railing design is not something we are unfamiliar with – our level of creativity when working with a customer allows them to present us with something as basic as a pencil sketch on a piece of paper, knowing that we will be able to turn it into a reality.

Alpha Rail can also assist during the design process and offer technical advice such as recommended dimensions and fixing options to suit industry standards and current building regulations.

Thanks to this, along with the level of trust that our many long standing customers place in our knowledge and expertise, we have supplied and installed some of the most prestigious and stunning bespoke metalwork in the country.

Creative Vision

Maintain Standards

Many companies will be happy to announce that they use Alpha Rail time and time again due to our commitment to provide an unmatched service on every occasion.

The Alpha Rail level of service continues throughout the whole company. From the offices and on to the shop floor, we strive to be the best we can be in all areas.

This is reflected in both our level of customer service and the quality of our products, which when installed, can be enjoyed by our clients and the general public for years to come.

Maintain Standards

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For everything Alpha Rail

Please take some time to browse through our website for everything Alpha Rail. We are involved in such a wide variety of projects featuring metalwork in all shapes and sizes. Also, check out our ever popular Resource Hub, where you can find information about fixing options, technical advice articles answering most frequently asked questions, as well as a section where you can download standard detail drawings for the full range of pedestrian guardrail and metal railings available from Alpha Rail.

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