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Our Vertical Bar Railings Range

We manufacture standard vertical bar railings as well as five alternative designs, each having a slight twist in appearance to offer further choice. Complete the form below to request a quotation.

After being around since 1985, we consider ourselves to be one of the leading fabricators of architectural metalwork in the UK. If you are looking to specify our products, we would love to share with you all of our technical knowledge gained. These can be found in a number of informative blogs contained within our Resource Hub. We hope you find these of interest and should you require more assistance on any matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Our Vertical Bar Metal Railing range includes:

About Vertical Bar Railings

Our six traditional designs of vertical bar metal railings have proved to be very popular with architects, designers and contractors alike due to their strength and versatility. Click on the links below for an in-depth look at each of the six styles. Please bear in mind that all of our metalwork products are made to suit client requirements and can be manufactured to any height and panel size.

As well as these six traditional designs, we are able to manufacture railings and gates using a wide range of rail and post finials. On many occasions over the years, we have received enquiries from clients who are looking to replicate original railings that are now in a dilapidated state. In a lot of cases, railings were actually removed and the metal melted down to assist in the war efforts of 1939-1945. In some of these instances we have replicated railings based purely on pre-war photographs. For examples of these, visit our bespoke metalwork section.

All of our vertical bar railings are compliant with the current British Standard, which is covered in BS1722 part 9.

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