What is BS 1722 Part 9 2006?

What is BS 1722 Part 9 2006?

This article is part of a series explaining the various British Standards to which Alpha Rail ensures all of its metalwork complies. What is BS 1722 Part 9? It is the specification standard for mild steel (low carbon steel) fences with round or square verticals and flat horizontals.

What is BS 1722 Part 9?

BS 1722 part 9, is a part of the BS 1722 series. This standard specifies the requirements for self adjusting (nibbed) or welded mild steel (low carbon steel) fences with round or square verticals and rolled hollow section (RHS) or rolled steel joist (RSJ) posts and flat horizontals. It also specifies requirements for their installation.

BS1722 part 9 covers requirements for protective treatment, but the requirements for maintenance of the fence after installation is outside the scope of this standard.

This standard aims to establish minimum requirements for materials and workmanship of the more common types of metal railing in order to ensure satisfactory service for the purchaser. In buying metal railings that have been manufactured to BS 1722 part 9 standard, it is your guarantee that the manufacturer has followed the British Standard.

BS1722 part 9 also assists manufacturers and installers by eliminating unnecessary minor variations in the demands of purchasers. It specifies requirements for the components that make up a fence and the way in which the fence needs to be constructed. The standard includes requirements for sizes of components, together with the permissible tolerances on size.

BS 1722-9 was updated from the previous 2000 version in 2006.

The major changes in the 2006 revision was the removal of flat posts from the standard, the inclusion of RHS posts, removal of requirements for angle corner posts, which in this edition are specified as for line posts, and revision of the requirements for gates. The opportunity has also been taken to simplify the construction and installation requirements in line with current practice.

What is The British Standards Institute?

The British Standards Institute (BSI) is appointed by the UK Government as the National Standards body. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first National Standards Body.  It adopts a collaborative approach, engaging with industry experts, government bodies, trade associations, businesses of all sizes and consumers to develop standards that reflect good business practice.

The role of the National Standards body is to help improve the quality and safety of products, services and systems by enabling the creation of standards and encouraging their use.

Each year BSI publishes over 2,700 standards to help improve performance and manage risk, while enabling businesses to operate in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Why choose Alpha Rail?

As a quality assured company, Alpha Rail is dedicated to manufacturing excellence and all the metal railings we manufacture are fabricated in accordance to British Standards.


Alpha Rail Welder


The Alpha Rail range of vertical bar metal railings have proved very popular with architects, designers and contractors alike due to their versatility and range of finishes. We can manufacture standard vertical bar railings as well as five alternative designs, each having a slight twist in appearance to offer further choice.

All of the metal railings we manufacture meet the relevant British Standard rating. Our vertical bar railings range is compliant with BS1722 part 9 and we can supply technical specifications for all railings.


Technical Drawings ready to view online



Our vertical bar metal railing range includes:

  • Standard vertical bar metal railings
  • Albany vertical bar metal railings
  • Westminster vertical bar metal railings
  • Churchill vertical bar metal railings
  • Kennington vertical bar metal railings
  • Humber vertical bar metal railings

As the preferred supplier to many local authorities and civil engineering contractors we have developed our reputation for quality and many project managers respect the expertise and technical advice we can bring to their housing development, public park and gardens, or hard landscaping project.

To view some of our recent metal railings projects please visit our projects library.

If your project involves the installation of metal railings and you would like to enquire how Alpha Rail can help please complete the enquiry form or call 01623 750 214.

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